Mining & ICO Fund
Token Sold 4834825.5107418
Price $ 5
Raised Amount $ 19.267072M
Investors 13775
Loyalty & New Technologies Fund
Token Sold 43391.59063542
Price $ 2.7532
Raised Amount $ 87.755K
Investors 384
Blockchain & IOT Fund
Token Sold 12026.73907028
Price $ 5
Raised Amount $ 53.063K
Investors 210
What is BitCoinGrowthFund?

BGF is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with user centric features to provide a fully immersive trading experience. BGF is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers maximum security and advanced trading features. BGF allows its customers to transact with fiat currencies across the exchange and blockchain without the volatility concerns related to Bitcoin or alt coins.

What cryptocurrencies does MCAP mine?
Dash Coin
Ethereum Coin
Lite Coin
Classic Coin
Zcash Coin
Monero Coin
How to buy MCAP?
Place order
Register Account
Verify Email
Provide KYC
Make Payment
Get MCAP in account
How to Trade?
Got to trade section in Market
Place buy/sell order
Set buy/sell price
Order is executedon trade match