Now you can invest as minimum as 1 BTC in a startup.

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At BitcoinGrowthFund, for the first time in the financial history of India, non-HNIs will have access to investment opportunities in the fast growing, high risk and exponential growth early stage private companies aka startups. These opportunities available only to HNIs in past, for various reasons.

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Investment & Trading opportunities on BitcoinGrowthFund

Mining & ICO Fund
CryptoCurrency Mining

Mining & ICO Fund

This fund invest in CryptoCurrency Mining
$ 2.046213M Raised
$ 3.2 / MCAP
Loyalty & New Technologies Fund
Loyalty Fund

Loyalty & New Technologies Fund

This fund invest in Loyalty Programs
$ 2.536K Raised
$ 1.36 / LOYL
Blockchain & IOT Fund
Blockchain Fund

Blockchain & IOT Fund

This fund Invests in Blockchain Startups
$ 3.156K Raised
$ 4 / XBLC

How It Works

The fund operates on colored coins platform, built on the top of bitcoin blockchain.
Bitcoin's strong public blockchain ensures complete accountability and transparency.
The fund issues tokens to its shareholders in proportion to the amount of money invested by each member.
The investment committee, comprising of the fund managers and the advisory board, takes decisions on where the capital is invested.
The fund also provides an exchange to the token holders to buy more or sell their tokens depending on the performance of the fund.
The fund also pays semi annually the dividends in proportion to the returns accrued from investments


Investing involves risk, before continuing you should educate yourself on the risks associated. We advise you to invest your money in multiple funds.


All purchases and trades of the tokens are recorded on the blockchain, making everything transparent, and secure.


Are you an Entrepreneur and Building something great on Blockchain, IoT, Virtual Reality, Loyalty Programs or Nextgen Tech ?


Phil McCauley

Phil McCauley is a highly experienced entrepreneur. He invests in start-up and high growth business in music, media, fintech and green energy and has successfully exited several businesses over the past 12 years with transaction values ranging from $4 million to $750 million to both trade buyers and public market offerings.

Phil is a highly effective strategist and expert in change management and implementation, creating significant value in M&A and deal-making.

Nagaraj Konda

Nagaraj Konda has more than 25 years of professional experience in the Fintech, IT and Telco markets. He successfully started in 2009 a leading Indian Fintech service provider from zero to a prominent position in its market.

He was previously Head of Tech Strategy for an Indian telco (acquired by Vodafone India) and has worked in large-scale European Commission funded E-Business projects.

Matthias Frost

Matthias Frost has more than 23 years of experience in the international Fintech and Telco markets. He is a Member of Business Angel network in Germany. He has initiated and guided development of a leading Indian Fintech service provider. He is a MD of German and Austrian subsidiaries of a Fintech service provider. Previously Head of Operations for a Telco roaming clearing house.

Peter French

Peter French qualified and began his Accounting career with PWC. He became Partner at PKF and from there formed his own business Ashgates. After an exit he later formed McGregors and Citizen Corporate finance and now Seagrave French LLP. Peter is highly experienced in corporate finance, compliance and governance bringing rigour and best practice to the many boards he serves.

Tim Miller

Tim Miller is an experienced business manager, project manager and consultant able to work at both strategic and operational levels. He combines the experience of developing new opportunities with the skills needed to make them succeed.

These skills have been built up over 15 years working at director level in commerce and the public sector. This includes development and management of new start companies and delivery of challenging projects on the university, government and business margins.